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When it's time for a change

Tammy Knorr

ICA Life Design Coach 

Focusing Facillitator Trainee
SC Bar Trained Family Court Mediato

Contemplating change in significant adult relationships - friends, partners, colleagues, family -  can feel like teetering on a precipice. It can be both thrilling and terrifying, and that combination can be immobilizing. Together we can discover strategies for clarifying your path forward. 

My philosophy
  • Relationships, both personal and professional, can be restructured in constructive ways by examining our assumptions around them.

  • Learning to recognize patterns that don’t work for us empowers us to change them.

  • New patterns of relating give us the tools to create healthier new relationships and renegotiate our existing ones.

  • Working with someone else to examine, create, and restructure really helps!

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