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About Me

My relationships have changed drastically over the last several years. I've transitioned from a 26 year marriage to co-parenting with my kids’ father; from traditional monogamy to non-monogamy; from adult-child to adult-adult relationships with my older kids. I approach relationships of all kinds with an entirely different perspective now - one of curiosity, creativity, and agency. I design them. I give myself the freedom to try new approaches and find out in actuality (not assuming) what does and doesn’t work in each situation.

Key to those changes has been the gradual unmasking and transformation of patterns that kept me locked in a downward spiral (and they certainly didn’t help anyone else either!). The depression I wrestled with from my late 20’s into my 40’s felt like my nemesis but also became one of my greatest teachers.

What I've learned on this journey has inspired me to share the insights I've gained with others who want to make the same kinds of changes. My training in coaching, counseling, and mediation has given me tools to more effectively help you find the next steps for your journey into nourishing, sustainable relationships and productive conflict.


Ready for a change? Click the button below if you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation.


SC Bar Trained Family Court Mediator; Community Mediator; ICA Life Design Coach; M.S. Speech-language Pathology, Radford University



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